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Spring 2013 Issue I

2013-04-12 10.14.37

Dumelang (hello) from sunny Gaborone!

We've had a great Spring semester here in Gaborone, Botswana! Lots of fun travelling, hanging out and of course getting some work done. As summer turns into winter here and our students prepare for their last month of their study abroad experience, it's time to give you a glimpse of what we've been up to.

Here is what's in this issue:

CIEE Student blog highlights
Student profile videos
Staff profile video
Excursion article: CIEE trip to Serowe

Blog Highlights

Our awesome weekly student blogs have kept you up to date with what the students have been doing throughout the semester. They've given us a glimpse into their daily lives here in Gaborone which I'm sure has been invaluable to both the students currently here and those about to join us for the Summer semester. In case you missed out on some of them, browse through the links below.

Life in Gaborone

One of the biggest challenges about moving to a new environment is settling into a new routine and getting used to different cultures. The first few weeks are the most stressful as you try and find your footing. But eventually you get to know people and get accustomed to life in Gaborone. Read up on how Lauren Kecskes eased her way in "Keeping my cool..." and how Daniel Furente eased his stress in "Coping".

After the stress dissipates, the fun begins!

Bernadette Nelson shared her small adventures in Gaborone including a beautiful sunset at the Gaborone Yacht club, her Animal Planet moment at the Mokgolodi Game Reserve and a local clinic visist in "....And we're off!". Mindy Guo decided to search for some Asian cuisine and returned with a triumphant story to tell in "The great Asian food quest!".


Mindy in an Asian grocery store

Meredith Henning shared how she and other CIEE students celebrated a fellow CIEE student's birthday here in Gaborone in "The little things" (hint hint, it involves food!). In "Gone Fishing", Brittney Pietro thought that is was going to be low key weekend, however, she ended up going fishing, watching a beauty pageant and watching car racing.

Clementine Sanchez shared her Gaborone homestay experience in "My Homestay experience" while Kathryn Lally outlined a typical day during her village homestay in "A day in the life of a Kanye Villager". And lastly, Helen Goelet summarised her whole study abroad experience in "My experience studying abroad".


In addition to attending classes, travelling and having random adventures, students also take up internships at various organisations. 

Rachel Spera gave us a glimpse into her work at an after school programme in "Teaching at Happy Home".

6a010536fa9ded970b017c37fbe7f4970b-800wiRachel with her students

In "Ke rata Botswana thata", Brooke Segerberg tells us about her awesome job at the Game reserve where she has spotted zebra, wildebeest, ostrich, baboons and rhinos!!! Community public health student, Danielle Rosenzweig, details her weekly clinic visits in "Extension 2".


Every free weekend or week the students have is taken as an opportunity to travel. Being located next to the country that is the travel hub of southern Africa (South Africa), it is pretty easy to get from Gaborone to all the countries in southern Africa. Popular destinations include Johannesburg, Cape Town, Namibia, Mozambique and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. The students have become so travel wise now and luckily they shared some of their traveling tips in addition to their travel stories.

Kylie Defenbaugh and Rachel Mitchener both went to Namibia recently and you can read all about it in "Adventure time in Namibia" and "Easter Break in Namibia".

Johannesburg is only 4 hours from Gaborone and makes for a great weekend get away! Shannon McGinnis and Beata Fogarasi did just that in "A weekend in Jozi" and "Making new memories in Joburg".


Elizabeth Litke decided to spend her spring break swimming with sharks in "Spring Break - Cape Town Edition".

Self proclaimed quasi travel agent Andrea Vogt arms you with all the travel knowledge you need in "Meet the quasi travel agent". She also included her itineraries for South Africa and Victoria Falls (click links to download), definitely worth a look if you intend to go to those places. Alice Lee also gives some great travel advice in "Traveling tips!".

We still have a few more blog posts coming in the next few weeks so keep checking our blogs and keep an eye out for the links in our Facebook group.

Student Profile Videos

You've read their blogs, now it's time to see them!

Here are two quick profiles of two of our students, Lauren Kecskes and Olivia Hollenhorst. Lauren is from our Arts and Sciences programme while Olivia is from our Community public health programme. In the profile videos they tell you a bit about their experience here and give a little advice to future students too. 



Staff Profile Video

We have a small but dedicated staff here at CIEE Gaborone. During your stay here you will get to see them everyday, travel with them and maybe hang out with them! In the video below you shall meet Tania Phiri, our programme coordinator. She is a busy bee, cheerful and always ready to give her time to the students. 


Excursion article: CIEE trip to Serowe

One of our scheduled CIEE trips this semester was to the Khama Rhino Sanctuary just outside Serowe, a small town located just over 3 hours drive north from Gaborone. The students spent a night there where they got to do some Rhino tracking, eat some great food, and of course, see Rhinos! 

P1000902The students left Gaborone around 1pm on Friday afternoon and arrived there late evening, just as the sun was beginning to set.

2013-04-12 09.45.09They checked into their dorms and dressed warmly since the temperature was beginning to drop,then they relaxed on the trampoline until dinner time. 

2013-04-12 09.42.38

2013-04-12 09.57.26

2013-04-12 10.40.14The lovely dinner at the restaurant was followed by a night game drive. One of the sanctuary's main aims is to assist in saving the Rhinoceros, however, they also have other wildlife there including Zebra, Giraffe and Wildebeast. So there is lots to see!

2013-04-12 11.39.08


After the game drive, they warmed up by the bonfire before having an early night. The next morning they got their wake up call at 5:15am in order to prepare for some Rhino tracking at 6am.

2013-04-12 23.56.55

59232_10151551331000516_1596130948_nWith the guidance of the expert trackers, in no time they had spotted Rhinos. They mostly saw white Rhinos as there are currently only 4 black Rhinos in the sanctuary.



2013-04-12 23.35.26

IMG_4184After a successful Rhino tracking mission, it was time to head back to camp for breakfast at the restaurant. 
2013-04-12 13.05.42When all stomachs were stuffed, they bid the Rhino sanctuary farewell and boarded the CIEE bus to head back to the city. 

And that's it for Issue I of this year's newletter! As our students prepare to leave CIEE Gaborone, Botswana to return to their homes, we prepare to welcome our new Summer group. Keep following our blog for more student blogs and till next time, sala sentle (stay well)!


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